Art Paper

We offer glossy & matte art paper in sheet and rolls, gram range from 80-250gsm, C2S Art paper coated on both sides after manufacture with material containing adhesive , Kaolin etc , to give a surface suitable for fine screen half tone work. Utilizing the latest spray coating and IR control technology, stable quality of the product is achieved. C2S Art paper has a wide range of applications, including Periodicals, magazines, interiorpages, posters, catalogue, brochure, leaflets,flyer etc...

  • Illustrated books, book covers, calendars senior Album.
    Magazine covers,cards, tags, menus.
    Speciality packages.
    Used for high speed sheet paper offset printing and business cycle printing, mainly for magazines, color pictures.
  • Material : Virgin wood pulp
  • Size : 700*1000mms
  • Base weight : 150gsm, 170gsm, 300gsm
  • Finish : Gloss and matte
  • Grade : Woodfree coated WFC grade
  • Brightness : 91+/-2%
  • Roughness : 1.oum

Features: High whiteness, High stiffness Excellent ink set, Out standing dot fidelity, High sharpness ,High saturation , Excellent printablity