FBB Board

FBB is a paperboard grade which is made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp.This grade is made up of mechanical pulp in between two layers of chemical pulp. The top layer is of bleached chemical pulp with an optional pigment coating. This is a low density material with high stiffness and has a slightly yellow colour, mainly on the inside.

  • Food and beverages
    Frozen and chilled food
    General packaging
    Retail-ready packaging
  • Material : Kaolinite, wood pulp
  • Size : 700*1000mm, 640*700 mms
  • Base Weight : 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm, 400 sm
  • Brightness top/bottom : 90-92%

Smooth surface gives veritable dots after printing. Glamorous and luxury coating. High whiteness provides a very comfortable visual experience.