Multipurpose Grey Back Board (Duplex Board)

White duplex paper board with grey back is multilayer paperboard which is developed by combination of virgin pulp, recycled pulp and recycled fibre with fully coated on the top side which fulfils the demand of multipurpose packaging applications it is a value for money chip board which is a type of boxboard with a glossy coated surface on one side for superior printablity.

  • Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals hard cover Books ,shoe boxes, wine packages Cigarette middle packages Matchboxes and tooth paste boxes Cosmetics outer packaging etc
  • Material : Recycled pulp
  • Size : 700*1000 cms
  • Base weight : 250 Gsm ,300gsm,350gsm,400gsm
  • Printing Method : Offset, Letterpress

High quality and Excellent surface coating and good surface smoothness. Excellent paper stiffness is a strong support for carton laminating and die cutting .