Grey Board

Our grey board is a three layer laminated solid board made of 100% recycled paper. We stock boards of various grammage.Grey board is produced from recycled pulp and waste paper.The products are divided into single ash, double ash and all gray which are environmentally friendly packaging materials.The colour of both sides is grey with brown or grey inside.

  • Packaging boxes
    Notebooks covers
    file folders
    Advertising boards
    photo frames
    storage boxes liners
  • Material : Recycled pulp and waste paper
  • Size : 70*100 mms
  • Base weigh : 1000gsm, 1200gsm, 1500gsm, 180gsm
  • Finish : Laminated
  • Density : 6 g/cm3
  • Moisture : 8+/-1 %

Good toughness smooth and delicate surface. The trimming is clean and tidy and the deflection is not more than 3mm. Recycled paper raw materials, degradable and pollution free