Pu Leather

Its solid timeless and elegant. Infusing graphic and interface design with a smooth, supple touch, al tawafuq pu brings a new level of intimacy and emotion to the design world. Al tawafuq PU is a smooth, novelty faux leather, finished with a polyurethane protective coating, that embodies the pliable touch and plush surface desired among luxury markets today

  • Bookbinding
    Hospitality, hotel and motel markets
    Luxury Packaging
  • Thickness : .70=/-0.05
  • Width : 1400=/-30
  • Roll length : 50 m
  • Roll Weight : 20 kg
  • Burnishing : 160-180 Celsius
  • Foil stamping : 110-176 Celsius

Composition: leatherette made of white non woven cotton /polyester interlining, laminated with white cotton and dyed polyurethane layer.